LAN WAN Installation Services In Lucknow

LAN WAN Installation Services In Lucknow

LAN WAN Installation Services In Lucknow

LAN WAN Installation Services 

LAN Installation, WAN Installation, Computer Network installation Company Lucknow

In the field of Hardware & Computer Networking Company solutions in Lucknow, 360 Security Solution is one of the best companies in lucknow that provides the best services in LAN WAN Installation & LAN infrastructure work.

LAN Networking – Local Area Network Solutions/Services In Lucknow

360 Security Solution provides the best service in LAN Installation In Lucknow. With the help of LAN installation, the electronic stuff is connected with computers and word processors for sharing all kinds of official data & non-official data in a govt. Or Non-Government buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Offices and any other area. It is done by our experts & experienced technicians in the networking area, and it will help you increase the company’s productivity.

Our Local Area Network (LAN) Service Areas:-
  • LAN Installation Services in Lucknow
  • LAN Installation Services in Kanpur 
  • LAN Installation Services in Hardoi 
  • LAN Installation Services in Shahjhanpur
  • LAN Installation Services in Barabanki

WAN Solutions – Wide Area Network Solution & Services in Lucknow

WAN solutions use telephone lines, satellite dishes, or radio waves to span a larger geographic area than can be covered by a LAN. We are amongst the leaders in providing extensive experience in designing, installing, and maintaining network systems like WAN. Our qualified team of engineers supports your software needs, whether on a user’s workstation or your company’s file server.

Wide Area Network (WAN) Service Areas:-
  • WAN Installation Services in Kanpur
  • WAN Installation Services in Lucknow
  • WAN Installation Services in Shahjahanpur 
  • WAN Installation Services in Hardoi
  • WAN Installation Services in Barabanki

Whether it’s an office or a residence, many computers are used in the same premises. Networking is a must to share data, IT accessories or IT services. 360 Security Solution Lucknow service team can guide you to a solution, wired or wireless, optimal by technology and cost. Switches, modems, routers, wi-fi cards in combinations, if necessary, are put in place to give you the right solution.

A wired LAN to interconnect the desktops installed in your office will give you the best performance in many contexts. But when you have laptops or a wi-fi printer, you need to extend the LAN to make it wireless. The devices you should use depend on the environment in which they are used. Our computer service engineers will consider all relevant parameters like distances to be covered, obstacles in the path, need for speed etc., before setting up the right cost-effective computing environment for you.

We deal with networking products of dlink, cisco, Linksys, Netgear, hp, Belkin etc., for the right switch, router, cat-5 cable or cat-6 cable and patch cords for your network. We deal with cheaper lan products too, like 5-port switches at prices as low as Rs. 500/-. We can also support you in case of any lan problem. With over five years of experience, we can resolve even very complex LAN issues in minimal time with the least impact on your productivity. Network Engineers from

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