Biometric Attendance Machine in Lucknow


Biometric Time and Attendance Control Systems In Lucknow

Biometric Time and Attendance Control Machine in Lucknow help in prompt tracking of time and attendance of 5 to more employees. You may be running any business; each employee’s reporting time and in/out movement is crucial to decide on work productivity, time sense & discipline, and reward/penalization conditions.
360 Security Solution Biometric systems help reduce human resources costs, easy wage calculation, and management of human resources. Each Biometric Time and Attendance Control System offers business management solutions suitable for all types and sizes. The T&A systems offer biometric recognition at three levels – fingerprint, iris and face.

We provide the best-suited access control solutions with our latest technologies in 360 Security Solution. Fingerprint, Face reader & Iris Biometric access control solutions in Lucknow.

Benefits of our Biometric Time and Attendance Control Systems in Lucknow

  • Working hour management
  • Overtime work management
  • Multi-shift management
  • Control of various work rules

360 Security Solution Biometric Time and Attendance Control Systems In Lucknow Features

  • Maintenance of attendance records based on fingerprints means preventing impersonation and substitution.
  • Describe staff attendance equally, correctly and promptly.
  • Handle T&A data from the central office/HQ sourced by TCP/IP-based Internet network or GPRS.
  • Prompt management of employee shifts on week basis, rotation shifts etc

360 Security Solution Always believe in providing products and services that are reliable and cost-effective. The fingerprint attendance or time attendance machine can replace your old traditional attendance system without being too heavy on your pocket. By applying the Biometric Time and Attendance Control Systems through the attendance machine dealer in Lucknow, you save the cost and time you incur on maintaining the manual records of the employees’ attendance. The attendance taking system is probably one of your best investments to erect a sound infrastructure and dependable attendance machine that works effectively and efficiently throughout. The fingerprint attendance machine is also very significant in reducing the quantum of workload when making the employee’s salary. Thus, overall the time attendance machine is a great investment that consolidates your IT system and proves cost-effective at the end of the day.