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We Provide 24/7 Ac Service & Repair In Lucknow. It Is Very Irritating When Ac Stops Working At Night While You Are Sleeping With Your Family After A Hectic Day. Taking This In Mind 360 Security Solution Starts Giving 24/7 Ac Service & Repair In Lucknow.  We Always Make Sure You Air Conditioner Is Working Good. We Provide Exprienced Ac Techincans In 30 Minutes. With All Genuine Parts And Other Technical Services.

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24/7 Ac Service & Repair In Lucknow

360 Security Solution Starts Ac Repair Service In Lucknow. We Are Your best choice. Suppose you need AC repair in Lucknow. ACs service are in great demand among office buildings and house owners. No matter if you’re looking for a reliable home care provider in Lucknow or are running a business, 360 Solutions Ac Repair Service is the best choice. We are committed to offering you the best AC service and repair in Lucknow. We also provide annual maintenance services for homes and offices. 360 Solution AC Service & Repair in Lucknow provides full diagnostics, troubleshooting and repair/ maintenance, and replacement services for all types of Ac.

  • Common Servicing
  • Washing Service With Pressure Machine For Air conditioner
  • Air Conditioner gas charging
  • AC Installation / Uninstallation
  • Gas leakage repair
  • AC Compressor repair
  • Condensing pipe repair
  • PCB repair

We Offer Central Ac, Split & Window ac service In Lucknow  For Every AC Brands Like – Lg, Blue star, Hitachi, Daikin, Godrej, O General, Samsung & More.

Ac gas filling, ac installation, ac repairs and service hassle free customer satisfaction ac service in Lucknow. 


Ac Installation

AC Installation & Uninstallation Services.


24/7 Ac Repair

We Provide 24/7 Ac Repair Services


Genuine Parts

Genuine AC Repair Parts At Lowest Prices.


Experienced Technician

Only Experienced Ac Technicians For You.

Common AC Servicing:

  • Cleaning of the cross-section and removing any residue.
  • Any strange or unusual fusses.
  • In an indoor unit, check for any water beads or ice arrangements
    Proper cooling check.

Washing Servicing With Pressure Machine For Air conditioner

  • After taking out the unit, wash it thoroughly with water pressure machine which removes all the dust which is blocking ac vents.
  • Refrigerant holes to be checked.
  • Clean up seepage pipe.
  • 360 Security Solutions provides guarantee on all services.

Air Conditioner gas charging:

  • The specialist will first check the air channel, AC refrigerant and AC blower before AC gas topping off.
  • If there is any spillage, the spot will first be sealed to prevent further spillage. After that, the refrigerant topping up will be completed.
  • When necessary, moving parts of the AC unit can be greased.
  • An extensive inspection of your AC unit is performed for the best AC unit capacity.
  • 360 Security Solution provides a 120 days warranty on Gas Charging.

Installation and Uninstallation For AC:

  • 360 Security Solutions offers uninstallation and installation services that are efficient, quick and cost-effective.
  • Assistance for AC Establishment Installation
  • A strong association is necessary for AC installation for home or office, cafe, hotel, inn, etc.
  • Additional charges may be incurred if the wooden casing is required for Window AC establishment. If the customer can manage the project independently, there will not be any additional charges.
  • If an additional copper wire or line is required for installation purposes, their charges will be excluded from the establishment charges. If the customer can arrange it themself, there will not be any additional charges.

Air Conditioner Gas Leakage Repair In Lucknow

  • Finding the leakage pipes.
  • Repairing and removing leakage spot
  • The moving parts will be greased.
  • After Repairing AC Leakage, the specialist will check for the refrigerant levels. If it is low, our specialist will recommend topping up separately charged.
  • For Window AC and Split AC, the charges for gas spillage are different.
  • 360 Security Solution Provides A Warranty On AC Gas Leakage Repairs In Lucknow.

AC Compressor Repair:

  • A complete examination of the AC Compressor, as well as all segments, will be performed.
  • If there is any chance of fixing the blower, you will be informed.
  • If the blower is not in good condition, it should be replaced with another one. The expert will explain this. Independently, the charges for the new blower are to be borne.
  • The oil of moving parts will be completed.
  • For any gas spillage after AC Gas Refilling Service, there will be a 90-day service guarantee.
  • Regular AC servicing has many benefits.
  • Regular maintenance and support can increase the life expectancy by about ten years. It is safe to assume that you weren’t aware of this fact. These are the most common benefits of AC overhauling.
  • Save your AC productivity with
  • People are prone to wait until their AC stops working before calling for service. This is because ACs lose 5% of their efficiency every time, despite working correctly.
  • Maintaining 95% efficiency:
  • You can also keep your AC running if you receive ordinary help.
  • Reduced danger:
  • You will also be protected from significant interruptions with ordinary support.
  • Extended life expectancy:
  • You will also enjoy a longer life expectancy if you have a higher level of proficiency. You will also find more solace and less expense.
  • Improved cooling
  • The cooling efficiency of AC can be significantly improved by regular AC maintenance and service. Regular upkeep ensures that all AC parts are in good condition.
  • Increment electric productivity