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Video Door Phone installation Service In Lucknow

  • Video Door Phone Installation In Lucknow At Best Prices
  • Buy  Video Door Phone At Best Prices In From 360 Security Solution Lucknow

  • We install your Video Door Phone according to manufacturer specifications
  • 360 Security Solution Calibrate the lock to work with your door
  • WiFi is required to connect with the purchase of the WiFi Supported Video Door Phone
  • Download the Video Door Phone app and configure settings
  • Video Door Phone lock settings including user codes and finger prints (if supported)
  • We Will Teach You How To Use The Video Door Phone Lock App 


What Video Door Phone 360 Security Solution Lucknow Will Install?

We’ll set up the Panasonic Video Door Phone, Godrej Video Door Phone & Many More (According To Your Choice).

Can 360 Security Solution Instruct me use my brand new video door phone?

Yes. As part of our service promise, your 360 security solution will explain to you just how you can utilize your Smart  Video Door Lock device(s) along with the security door bell app.

What Is The Price, How much is a Video Door Phone With Lock Setup Cost In Lucknow?

It Totally Depends On Your Choice However A Security Door Lock System In Lucknow Will Cost You About Average Inr15500 To Inr50000 Depending On Your Security Door Bell Lock  Company, Types Of System You Nee

Benefits Of Installing Video Door Phone In Lucknow

Door bell is one of the most important parts of home security system. If it is not installed properly then you cannot enjoy its benefits. It is the door’s main access point that allows you to enter and exit the house safely. You should be very careful when choosing the right door bell that suits your security requirements. So, what are the factors that should be considered while choosing this bell in Lucknow?

The most important factor that you need to consider while selecting door bells is its sensitivity. The door bell sensor should have the sensitivity to detect any motion up to the extent of 200 feet. It should work with some degree of flexibility so that you can adjust it according to the height difference between the door frame and door bell post. The door bell should be of high resistance so that it does not break after being hit by a few spark coming from an automobile.

The doorbell should have an easy maintenance record and should come with a guarantee period of at least five years. You should buy the door bell from a company that has been in the industry for a long time. The company should have a well-maintained quality control panel that helps in providing fast services. They should provide you with a 24 hours’ support and even personal services at times of emergencies. When you are buying a door bell from a reputable security company in India, then they will give you a free technical support at the earliest to help you out with any problem.

Types Of Security Door Bells In Lucknow

There are different types of door bells available for your security needs. There is a traditional bell that working on a mechanism that is similar to that of a traditional bell. It has a key on the key ring that can be accessed through a door lock. The door bell should have a battery backup facility that ensures its durability. It is one of the best door bell varieties available that works with a simple push of a button.

There are also automated door bells that run on an electronic mechanism. There is a bell that sounds the buzzer whenever the door bell switch is pressed. These doors bells are also known as wireless door bells. Automated door bells are a better choice than the manual ones as they are not hard to use and have a longer life span.

There is also a bell system that is operated by a keypad. A wireless keypad alarm bell system can be installed at the front door of your house where the main entrance is located. This type of door bells has an advantage of not disturbing the household or disturbing the neighbors. All of the door bells security locks India comes under this category.

Electronic door locks are a way to replace keys or to add additional automation features, like remote locking or unlocking. Although most commonly found on cars, many cutting-edge security providers are offering electronic door locks for homes and businesses.

Security Door Bell Installing Service In Lucknow

Types of Video Door Phone Locks

In any type of door lock, a latch or bolt is made to cross the opening between the side of the door and the doorframe, preventing access. This can be a “spring bolt,” which is held in place by springs and allows the door to close (but not reopen) when locked, or the more secure “dead bolt,” which stays in place until manually unlocked. In both cases, locking and unlocking is achieved by rotating the visible element (a knob or a key in a lock cylinder) to move the bolt or latch.

Traditional key locks use some variation of the “pin and tumbler” method, in which the lock cylinder is held in place with a line of small metal pins, each of which consists of an upper and lower half. When a key is inserted and turned, the uneven “serrated” edge ensures that each pin is moved a certain distance. The cylinder may be turned only when each pin is moved just enough to create a straight separation between the upper and lower halves of all pins.

Electronic door locks also involve parts called “actuators,” which connect the bolt or the cylinder to a small motor completely buried within the door or frame itself. The motor is controlled by an electrical impulse, which may be triggered in a number of ways: by an electronic card reader, by a keypad or by a wireless remote control sensor. Either way, the electronic door lock is configured to start the motor-driven actuator only once it has received the correct electronic input.

Traditional vs. electronic door locks

Each method of locking has pros and cons. Physical keys, such as metal keys, key cards or handheld remotes, can be lost or damaged, while numerical key codes can be forgotten (or learned and memorized by the wrong person). Key codes can be quickly and easily changed by the user when necessary, while changing physical locks and keys is much more involved, requiring specialized hardware and expertise. Power failures are problematic for purely electronic door locks, causing them to remain locked or unlocked until the electricity has been restored.

On most electronic door locks, you’ll find some combination of physical and electronic locking control on the same door. For example, you may have a physical key for setup and emergency backup, but use the remote or keypad to lock and unlock the door on a day-to-day basis. This provides an extra layer of convenience and safety for the user, but may also provide additional functionality as well.

Smart locks and home security

With a sophisticate automated system, electronic door locks can be controlled and monitored remotely.

In the case of cars, this means that you can lock and unlock the doors (or pop the trunk, or start the engine) while still some distance away from the vehicle. With homes or businesses, this can mean even more. Automated systems can be programmed to lock the doors for you at set times during the day, just in case you forgot. Remote monitoring apps can allow you to use your smartphone to see if there are any unlocked doors, and lock them from anywhere in the world. In the worst case, you can unlock your door remotely for quick, non-destructive access to fire and police personnel if an emergency occurs when you’re away from home.

Not all home security packages include electronic door locks with remote monitoring; in general, only the bigger and more cutting-edge providers support this kind of automated functionality. Frontpoint and Vivint both offer home security packages that include electronic door locks, as well as other home automation features.


Beneath we dive in to your choices and what you need to look out for when making a purchase. Smart locks with video camera integration is a fantastic use for technology. Get a video clip of whenever your door was unlocked or check who's in the door and let them automatically.

Smart locks with video camera integration is a fantastic use for technology. Get a video clip of whenever your door was unlocked or check who’s in the door and let them automatically.

All from the convenience of your smart phone wherever you are.

When buying a couple of things to bear in the back of your mind.

  • Video is storage and bandwidth hefty. If you want to save alot of movie history for your home expect to pay a tiny monthly fee to access this
  • Do you need audio? Ie, do you want to have the ability to speak to people at your door? Most movie doorbells and some cameras have two-way sound but it something to remember.
  • Can it have motion activation? This sensor will keep your batteries from draining by only turning on the feature when it’s needed or their is a safety concern. Facial recognition is also turning into a feature on these devices.
  • The cameras we listed should have infrared night vision, high resolution video, and wide angle lenses so that you can see all of the way down to where a package is delivered on the floor.

Smart Lock Camera Types

There are several ways to get a video camera working with your smart lock on the market today:

– These usually use Wi-Fi and unfortunately there are not that many models with this feature on the industry nevertheless
Integrate directly with add-on movie doorbell or camera
– All These wise locks will support the video camera directly in its own program and you’ll have some controls straight from the lock program
Integrate using 3rd party hub or full smart house system
– should you’ve got a video camera and smart lock you can get them working together utilizing a smart hub and program like SmartThings or even as part of a complete house security sys

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