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Fire Alarm Installation In Lucknow

360 Security Solution Have long history of service and responsiveness supplies you with a simple installation experience. We offer follow through and follow up to ensure your fire alarm system installation supplies you with the peace of mind that comes from working with a trusted service partner.

360 Security Solution employees have decades of experience designing, installing, servicing and monitoring fire systems in Lucknow. Our experience results in an installation that you could rely on. Our proactive system installers use their solid job management and management abilities so that you can rest easy knowing that your fire alarm system will be set up into high standards.


We know that you look closely at the details of running your business and you expect the same from your employees and business partners. Our fire system builders are experienced technicians. We have the knowledge required to carefully plan your setup, making sure that everything is set up correctly and completely. Your peace of mind is ensured because we check and examine each system before it is completed. Responsive, affectionate 360 Security Solutions employees are dedicated to providing an installation in Lucknow with experience that ends in a secure, reliable and approved fire alarm system.

We use systems and equipment from leading manufacturers, not proprietary systems, so you have the freedom to choose the best systems and the ideal service partner. Our fire alarm designers and installers make sure your system is installed and operates according to required codes and standards.

Fire Alaram Installation Service In Lucknow


Since our knowledgeable workers take the time to understand that installing a fire alarm system is complicated, our installation services provide a Complete range of service for a complete experience, which comprises:

  1. Design and budgeting solutions to Make Sure that your Distinctive system demands are met
  2. Expediting services to complete documents and applications, acquire permits and gain approval so that your system is up and running as quickly as possible
  3. Supplying ultimate connections, programming and final test-in-place to Guarantee system functionality
  4. Identifying and coordinating all prerequisites to get a letter of completion or certificate of occupancy
  5. Whether you need a new system installation, an improvement or an upgrade to your current fire alarm, we’ve got the expertise and knowledge to design and install a new system for your special needs. 360 Security Solution is a trusted partner with a long history of powerful long lasting relationships.
  6. You can rely on us to put in a dependable, compliant fire alarm system and also to give testing, maintenance, inspection and observation to keep your system running smoothly in the future.
  7. Contact us to learn more about our fire and security alarm system installation solutions in Lucknow.


What Is Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm System is designed to alert us to a crisis so that we could take action to safeguard ourselves, staff, and the general public. The alert is triggered, and sounders will warn people in the construction that there might be a fire and evacuate.

What Are The Types Sensor Are In Fire Alarm

In the Heart of a fire alarm system Would Be the detection Apparatus, from Advanced intelligent smoke Sensors to Easy manually Controlled break glass Components; there are a Wide Variety of Different Kinds, but we Could Split them into Classes Such as:

— Heat sensors

— Smoke sensors

— Carbon Monoxide sensors

— Multi-sensor sensors 

— Manual Call Points

What Are The Types Of Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm Systems  are in four Chief Forms;

— Traditional

— Addressable

— Intelligent

— Wireless

Are Fire Alarm System Safe

Yes! & Fire Alarm Sensor Will Be Protecting Your House & Your Family From Fire, Smoke, Heat 

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